Thursday, May 23, 2024
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#ThankATeacher on Social Media

Write your own message of thanks on the U.S. DOE’s sign. Then snap a “selfie” with your message and share it with friends, family, and fellow union members by posting it on social media. Be sure to include the hashtag, #ThankATeacher.
We all know that teaching is not just a job; it is a vocation. Let’s all take a moment tomorrow to give credit to the educators who have made a difference in our families’ lives.
Then, let’s all recommit to making sure that what teachers have to say about their work is heard and respected. That’s how we’ll reclaim the promise of public education so that all our students can reach their true potential.
In solidarity, 
Melodie Peters
President, AFT Connecticut
Steve McKeever
First Vice-President, AFT Connecticut
Patti Fusco
Pre-K-12 Jurisdictional Vice-President, AFT Connecticut

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