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David was elected secretary-treasurer in 2019 and serves as AFT Connecticut’s chief fiscal officer, responsible for the safekeeping and accounting of funds and financial obligations, including the annual audit.

David was president of the Bristol Federation of Teachers (BFT) from 2010-19, and previously served as vice president for elementary schools and, before that, as a building steward. 

David has been a member of state federation’s executive committee since 2011, representing AFT Connecticut in that capacity on a number of public education policy legislative committees. They include the Connecticut Advisory Council for Teacher Professional Standards (CACTPS), the General Assembly’s Common Calendar Task Force, the Classroom Safety Working Group and the Connecticut School Discipline Collaborative. 

He has also worked as AFT Connecticut’s liaison with the Teacher Leadership Fellowship Program (TLFP) at Central Connecticut State University’s (CCSU) School of Education and Professional Studies (SEPS).

Since 2000, David has been an elementary teacher in Bristol Public Schools.