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“Having Our Backs Every Step of the Way” Helps Yield Big Gains

It is often said that contractual gains cannot be made at the negotiating table alone; they additionally depend on workplace, community and political collective action. This complete formula is particularly important in order to overcome many historical and structural impediments embedded in many fields and industries. In this collective bargaining report, we’re highlighting a landmark contract victory where by choosing “Union YES,” members helped resolve some of modern healthcare’s biggest challenges.

Registered nurses at Windham Community Memorial Hospital (WCMH) in early December capped a year-long struggle to secure a successor agreement with Hartford HealthCare (HHC), the facility’s owner and operator. Union members voted in favor of a four-year contract made possible through a series of escalating efforts culminating in a strike provoked by chain executives’ federal labor law violations.

“The overwhelming support for this agreement proves what we’ve all seen throughout this pandemic; nurses united can never be divided,” said Windham Federation of Professional Nurses President, Andrea Riley, RN (in photo).

The vote to approve the landmark settlement came nearly three months following union members’ two-day walk-out over numerous unfair labor practices committed by HHC executives and hospital administrators. 

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“The road to get here has not been easy, and we’re grateful to our patients and the entire region for having our backs every step of the way. Now we can focus on what we do best – delivering the great quality care they deserve,” added Riley, a registered nurse in WCMH’s emergency department (ED).

The strike followed informational picketing in June outside the facility by nurses, their technical, service and support colleagues, advocates and elected officials aimed at galvanizing community support. Union members over the summer and into the fall additionally demonstrated at several high profile public events sponsored by HHC in order to further expose executives’ unlawful tactics.

Click here for photos of union members protesting outside the chain’s flagship facility annual fund-raiser.

The activism complemented efforts of the local union’s bargaining team, which was led by AFT Connecticut Field Representative Daniel Durant and national AFT Collective Bargaining Center Deputy Director Kyle Arnone. Together they successfully eliminated mandatory overtime, a dangerous practice that is proven to be detrimental to both patients and caregivers, while retaining the nurses’ rights to volunteer for additional shifts. 

The new contract additionally includes substantial annual wage increases for the full term as well as reductions in employee insurance premium costs. Along with reigning in  mandatory overtime, these gains will go a long way toward achieving safe patient limits at the 130-bed acute care facility by improving nurse recruitment and retention.

The nurses’ new contract was effective upon ratification following their December 2 vote. At the time of publication, the hospital’s technical, service and support colleagues in our affiliated WCMH Employees United were still seeking their own successor contract with HHC.

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Ten local unions are either currently in, or are preparing for, negotiations or arbitration.


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