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Encouraging Teachers to “Share Your Story” and Celebrate the Profession

The project was inspired by community conversations with public education stakeholders last spring organized by the non-profit philanthropic foundation Dalio Education. New teacher stories are being published each week at the platforms’s main website and shared through social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Click here to learn more about the “Teachers of Connecticut.”
“I love the idea of teachers being able to spotlight other teachers,” said Joshua Hall, a member of the project’s Advisory Group and a veteran educator in Hartford Public Schools. “No one more than a teacher understands what other teachers’ lives are like. This is a great opportunity for teachers to support and applaud each other,” added Hall, a member of our AFT Connecticut-affiliated Hartford Federation of Teachers.
Through the platform’s “Share Your Story” feature, any PreK-12 educator in a Connecticut public school can share their own experience directly. Submissions will be featured on the project’s social media channels and some will also be profiled in further depth on the main website itself.
“We’re like family. We work together, we help each other, we compare notes, we basically share everything – good and bad,” added Hall, who also serves on our state federation’s executive committee.
Click here to share your story – or that of a fellow PreK-12 educator. 
Educators featured at the platform include members of three local affiliates:
  • Meriden Federation of Teachers; 
  • New Haven Federation of Teachers; &
  • North Branford Federation of Teachers.
Several have since been featured by WTNH-TV Channel 8 News during their regular evening broadcasts as part of their ongoing “Head of the Class” series.
Click here to watch and share their segments with fellow union members.
The Dalio Foundation has for more than two decades supported several additional pro-public education projects in Connecticut, including the popular “Fund For Teachers” (FFT) initiative. The effort has since 2001 invested in self-designed professional learning grants for nearly 800 educators across the state.

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