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Calling for Uniform School Quarantine Policies

Coalition leaders further pointed out how some districts are disregarding education department recommendations to accommodate staff requests to work remotely due to health conditions, quarantine or child care. 
Click here for the state Department of Education (SDE)’s school support staff continuity directive.
“This past spring, our coalition worked with public education stakeholders to protect school employees from the pandemic’s unintended economic side effects,” said AFT Connecticut President Jan Hochadel. “The result was welcome recognition of all those who serve and support Connecticut’s preK-12 students—teachers, paraeducators, social workers, school nurses, counselors, administrative staff, tutors, custodians, and many more.” 
Click here for our report this past spring on winning protections for support staff in the pandemic’s first wave.
“That same spirit of cooperation and commitment is needed again—now more than ever,” added Hochadel, who previously taught physics and science in the state’s technical high school system. “The last thing we need is for working people to remain unable to support themselves and their families just as we turn the corner on the pandemic.”
A uniform, statewide policy on school quarantine and leave is necessary due to recent actions showing some districts cannot be trusted to do what is right for their education communities. Labor leaders highlighted local officials’ irresponsible advice from legal counsel to deny staff opportunities to work remotely and inform those who must quarantine they are not eligible for paid leave.
Click here for recent reporting on district officials’ denying educators’ remote work requests.
The educators’ group is also calling for the public health provisions of previous COVID-19 orders to continue through the end of the school year.
Click here for a full, print version of this latest press release.

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