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Comments on the State Auditors’ Review of the Sandy Hook Workers Aid Fund

“AFT Connecticut supports the John J. Driscoll United Labor Agency (ULA) in its mission to help the residents of Connecticut in their time of need,” said AFT Connecticut President Jan Hochadel. “The ULA aids families in providing human services and employment and training programs for those without employment,” she added.
“In 2013, the ULA was there to assist those who experienced one of Connecticut’s greatest tragedies — Sandy Hook,” Hochadel continued, “The SHWAP and the Sandy Hook Workers Assistance Fund were designed to provide financial help for workers dealing with emotional or mental health issues resulting from the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. The ULA accepted the responsibility and has administered the distribution of the funds to those in need,” explained Hochadel, who also serves as ULA’s board of directors vice-president.
“As the recent audit shows, every person who needed assistance was able to access the fund and get the help they needed in dealing with the tragedy,” added Hochadel. “No requests for assistance were denied.”
“The United Labor Agency, who acts as the administrator of the fund, takes its obligations to help those in need very seriously,” said Hochadel. “We have every confidence that the ULA has a plan in place to ensure that all funds that should be available will continue to be available for all affected persons who are eligible for the assistance. We also support the plan to review the audit and ensure that more diligent policies and procedures are in place for the future,” Hochadel added. 
“The ULA and AFT Connecticut stand ready to continue to assist those workers who were impacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy,” Hochadel concluded. 
“The ULA has been a partner in assisting the teachers and other education personnel who suffered greatly as a result of the Sandy Hook School tragedy,” said Newtown Federation of Teachers President Tom Kuroski. “They have processed claims for assistance and ensured that each and every applicant who was eligible for assistance received the help they needed,” he added. 
“The Newtown teachers are thankful for the ULA’s assistance in administering this fund and ensuring that teachers who needed assistance got the help they needed and deserved,” Kuroski concluded.
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AFT Connecticut represents approximately 30,000 professionals across the state, including PreK-12 teachers, paraeducators and education support personnel in 32 local and regional school districts. For more information, visit or follow the labor federation on Twitter at @AFTCT and on Facebook at AFT Connecticut.

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