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Survey: Educators’ Working Conditions

AFT’s health and safety team, in collaboration with the national Badass Teachers Association, met with dozens of educators and staff from around the country to design a thorough survey to help us gauge how issues in the workplace are affecting our members. By joining thousands of their colleagues, AFT Connecticut union members can help make the argument for a major study on how working conditions affect the adults who power our schools.

The survey will be open until Friday, May 1. Members are urged to share the survey with their colleagues to help AFT leaders learn as much as possible from others on the front-lines in our public schools.
This effort follows on AFT Connecticut’s ongoing commitment to safe and healthy workplaces for all our members. Our labor federation has joined with our allies in the Connecticut AFL-CIO and ConnectiCOSH to sponsor three conferences in 2015 on reducing the risk of workplace violence.
Click here for photos of members at the first “Shatter the Silence” workplace violence conference in January.

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