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Statement on Office of Child Advocate Report on Newtown Shootings

“We cannot comment fully on the extensive report released today until we have read it thoroughly. Our initial reaction is that we hope the report will be used to secure adequate and much-needed mental health services, including necessary training and supports, in the schools and throughout the community.
“Since the Newtown tragedy, there have been at least 90 school shootings. When safe havens like schools are ripped apart by senseless brutality, the ramifications for an entire community are extensive and long-term. We hope this report will be used as a source for healing and constructive suggestions going forward. It should not become a vehicle for finger pointing in an already fragile community. We must be careful that we use it for the former, not the latter.
“The report’s intention is to prevent another incident in any community, and we can feel good about that. As we approach the second anniversary of these tragic events, we believe Newtown is moving in the right direction, and we pray nothing derails the healing process.”
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