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A Letter of Thanks from Sandy Hook Elementary School

On December 14, 2012 we were changed. Our hearts were shattered, some of us frozen in time, some broken, many confused. We are more than educators. We are creatures of routines, following schedules and supplying predictability to our students. We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives loving our students as if they were our own children. 
Our school community was changed that day. Within our four walls we began to follow a new lesson plan; one that none of us had ever navigated before. We returned to the halls of a different school together, thanks to our neighboring town of Monroe, who said, “We have a school for you.” Within days, teams of movers, electricians, plumbers, local teachers, custodians, and parents volunteered their time the weeks before and after Christmas to make this school our new home.
Although at different places in our healing, we returned to the halls a united family of educators, paraeducators, office staff, kitchen staff, custodians, and therapists. We returned knowing that the world was holding our hands.
We returned to cards and notes from fellow educators from schools both near and far. “We are thinking of you.” “We are standing with you.” “You are in our thoughts and prayers.” We returned to beautiful messages of peace from people all over the world. If you are reading this and thinking, “But I only sent a small note…”, know that your note was reread during a difficult time and gave us strength.
Love came to us through letters, teddy bears, snowflakes, meals for our families and messages left on our answering machines. From emails to song lyrics, to artwork, to a gentle smile from a stranger who noticed our green bracelets. Each gesture of kindness filled a space in our broken hearts and helped us to take steps forward, always knowing that the world was still watching and caring.
We are here, at Sandy Hook School, day after day, together. Our students continue to be our number one priority. We are teaching and shepherding the students of Newtown, providing support to the families and to the many foundations that have been established. We are at Sandy Hook School supporting each other as we do the jobs we love. 
So this is our thank you to the world. You will never know how grateful we are for the strength you sent to us. Just know that because of you we continue to believe our school song lyrics, “And Sandy Hook School Forever”.
The Faculty and Staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School

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