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House ESEA legislation is a bad deal for students

This bill is a bad deal for students. For instance:

  • The bill provides historically low funding for education, in line with Republican budget priorities and irresponsible spending cuts, including sequestration.
  • It allows states and districts to redirect funds intended to assist specific populations of students away from those students, either to other children or for other general purposes.
  • Despite the Republicans’ rhetoric about the federal government not being involved in local decisions, their bill mandates teacher evaluations and prescribes the terms.
  • The bill does nothing to address the pervasive overtesting in our schools.
  • On top of all of the above, the GOP is expected to add a voucher amendment to the bill.

The AFT is urging activists to send a letter to the editor your local newspaper about why this is such a misguided bill.

Read more AFT analysis of the bill.


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