Sunday, May 26, 2024
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New & Improved Retiree Payroll

The Office of the State Comptroller is pleased to announce that it recently upgraded the retirement state payroll system. 

As a result, state retirees may notice that their paychecks or direct-deposit statements will have a slightly new look as of June. The improvement should provide a clear format – making it easier to locate key information on your paychecks or direct-deposit statements.

 If you have any questions, visit – and click on the hot button titled “Retiree Payroll Change.” This online link will provide a sample of the new paycheck or direct-deposit statement – and it will map out where you can find key information. 

While viewing these online samples, move your computer mouse icon across the sample and an information window will appear over each section. These windows will explain where information is located on your paycheck or direct-deposit statement. 


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