Take Action to Protect Connecticut’s Quality of Life

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The governor and state lawmakers have proposed cuts to vital services for working families instead of asking millionaires and profitable corporations to help protect Connecticut’s quality of life. The reality is that our state doesn’t have a budget problem; we have a fairness problem.
Connecticut’s richest 1% pay 5.3 percent in state and local taxes, while the rest of the 99% pay an average of 9.9 percent. 1 If the tax obligations for the wealthiest individuals and corporations were more fair, the proposed drastic cuts could be averted.
If you believe that everyone should pay their fair share, including the richest 1%, then take a moment to call Governor Dannel Malloy and leaders of the General Assembly. In a time of growing income inequality and a shrinking middle class, we we must raise our voices and together demand elected officials make better choices.