Regional Education Service Centers

Area Cooperative Education Services (ACES)

Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) exists to improve public education through high quality, cost effective programs and services. They are the Regional Educational Service Center (RESC) for the twenty-five school districts in south central Connecticut.

Capitol Region Education Council (CREC)

Since 1966, the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC), working with and for its member districts, has developed a wide array of cost-effective and high-quality programs and services to meet the educational needs of children and adults in the Capitol Region.

Cooperative Educational Services (CES)

Cooperative Educational Services (C.E.S.) was created over 40 years ago by Connecticut legislative mandate to help neighboring school districts communicate and collaborate. C.E.S. is one of six regional educational service centers (RESCs) and a member of the RESC Alliance.


Celebrating 30 years of serving the educational and training needs of schools, organizations, and individuals of all ages since 1980.

Education Connection

Education Connection is one of Connecticut’s 6 Regional Service Centers . Our mission as the regional educational service center in western Connecticut is to promote the success of school districts and their communities.

Project LEARN
LEARN initiates, supports and provides a wide range of programs and services that enhance the quality and expand the opportunities for learning in the educational community. Through its leadership and resources and by working with schools, students, families and other community agencies, LEARN promotes regional and statewide cooperation and provides a framework for districts to achieve their goals.