The Connecticut Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) is governed by Chapter 167(a) of the General Statutes as amended through the 2011 session of the state legislature. 
The TRS is administered by the Teachers’ Retirement Board (TRB), which consists of 14 members: four active teacher members, two retired teacher members, the state treasurer, the secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, the commissioner of the state Department of Education, and five public members appointed by the Governor. 
Our own Al Bredehorst, an active member of the Meriden Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 1478, was elected in 2013 to serve on the TRB.
Click here to learn more about the TRB at their website.
A new insurance trust was established in 2014 by the TRB, in collaboration with the state treasurer attorney general, to shore-up the healthcare fund Connecticut’s retired educators depend on. The treasurer will have responsibility for the long-term asset allocation of the trust with input from the Investment Advisory Council (IAC).
Joshua Hall, an active member of the Hartford Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 1018, serves on the IAC.
Click here for a brochure on the IAC at the Office of the Treasurer’s website.
Click here our joint press release with the Connecticut Education Assn. on the new trust.